The best photos-news from around the world

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    April 22

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    April 22

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    April 07

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    April 07

  • Early cherry blossoms in Japan
    April 07

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    March 31

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    March 31

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    March 31

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    March 21

About Project

Desktop wallpaper is a good way for both working area visualization and charisma appliance. To cut the long story short, if you are using any graphic picture, in this way you get your personality expressed. Now and then people want to look creative and picturesque, especially when someone behind you is watching your desktop. That is the reason why wallpapers were introduced: they show what kind of person you are.
To start up with, you should first of all choose the image that will match your desktop dimensions. If you have an outdated computer, but you would like to have a full-range screen picture, you should be ready that it will consume some of RAM memory, which is not so acceptable because of the small permissible amount of main memory. So you should still choose less «heavy» pictures, and give priority to originality.
There are no problems setting up a screensaver on up-to-date computers. The user can do whatever he wants. You are free to download as many pictures on your desktop as you wish, make a slideshow, like it first appears on Windows 7 desktop. Moreover, if the user has got a nanocomputer which supports 4K resolution, the participation effect will appear with a particular picture.
However, along with volume and resolution, it is also worth mentioning the reason why a picture can tell more about your personality than your own appearance. Very often video bloggers, which tell a story about a robot with a program or just give video tutorials on how to use a PC, along with all that they also choose a specific image so that it is ideally fits the topic narrated. Sometimes, if a person spends a lot of time by the computer and his job has something to do with excessive voltage, then it would be appropriate to set the anti-stress pictures on your desktop, which are oriented to soothing, getting your eyes relaxed and not overheating your brain. Besides, the pictures with quotes said by famous people and their success are extremely popular. This motivates the user not to waste his/her time following the line in social networks but to get you busy.
Thus, the desktop pictures can sometimes tell more about you than actually you do! The main point about all this is to find the right approach to originality when doing a picture selection.

Top Wallpapers

  • The mysterious wallpaper that can majestically take you mind into the other world. The long path with the red colored trees can easily distract your routine and make you fully inspired.

  • Good morning, New York city. This picture is a true scene full of skyscraper buildings so native to this part in the US. This picture reminds of a crowded place that lack land surface and wishes to reach the skies.

  • A pile of paddles with a diverse tones and colors is adorned with a not less colorful butterfly wandering above them. Orange butterfly perfectly merges into the colors and sizes of the paddles.

  • Night San Francisco invites you to observe all the beauty it has. The bridge attracts you to take a car drive within a few moments. Just go and get it!

  • This picture is a true incarnation of silence. Any driver would wish to escape daily traffic jams and find a wide highway and get pleasure and satisfaction. Street lights adorns the road making it fabulous.

  • What a wonderful deck is this! The light beams are jumping sidewards as if someone were moving them. Anyone would wish to take a harbour at this place.

  • A place to give rest to your mind and give a way to your feelings. The bridge with a small deck room on it make this wallpaper even more picturesque.

  • Bonjour, Paris. The Eiffel Tower is one of the best wonders in the world. This picture can bring your mood up and make your day.