The magic of light displayed in the photos

Thai photographer named Weerapong Chaipuck travels through Asia and makes amazing photographs depicting the landscapes. Enchanted by the light he can skillfully apply it in this pictures. The light makes his pictures mysterious and unreal.
Some users, commenting on his work, write that this is 100% Photoshop. The photographer does not hide that some images need a little processing. However, according to him, the amazing colors in his photographs are majorly or even 100% a merit of nature.
Weerapong Chaipuck patiently waits for the "golden hours" - the time before and after sunrise and sunset, when the palette of flowers in the sky becomes very saturated and spectacular. Every time, preparing for a new shooting, he carefully checks from what place and at what time it will be possible to catch the most amazing color scale in the frame.
Watch and enjoy the magic of the light of Asian landscapes.