Amazing steampunk cafe in South Africa

These copper pipes, gears, steel railings may well make a part of the battleship or plant of the times of the First World War. But in fact they make part of the brilliant interior of the steampunk cafe called “Truth Coffee” in Cape Town.
The idea of creating a thematic interior worked perfectly. Although visitors love coffee this café even not because of its interior, but seeing the various pipes, levers and other steampunk aesthetics make them delighted. You will find many elements and accents to the steampunk style, such as old bookcases, old telephones, antique typewriters, gas masks and other items that are characteristic of steampunk. Even the staff wears popular Steampunk elements, such as leather trumpets, cylinders and glasses.
The interior design of the cafe came up with a designer whole name was Haldane Martin, who put a lot of effort into rebranding Truth Coffee. Is it true in such an amazing style? Anyways, in such an atmosphere a cup of coffee will give you much more pleasure.