Between Earth and Sky

Amazing lakes and mountains where they took shelter create incredibly inspiring scenery. You cannot but fall in love in such landscapes, and a Polish photographer Mikolaj Gospodarek is one the people who really did fall in love with this beauty.
He met with landscape photography many years ago while he was taking climbing. "I love mountains. I love the space and silence. When there is no wind, I can see the mountains reflected in the large water mirrors. I have been collecting pictures of them for 15 years. I've been waiting until the wind dies down. Sometimes I am lucky, "- writes the Polish photographer on his facebook page.
During his expeditions Mikolaj captured picturesque peaks of the Eastern Alps, the Austrian lakes: Weissensee and Plansee, the mysterious mountains and crystal lakes of Norway and other places where the boundaries are cut of between land and sky. His cradle are the mountains in Italy – Dolomites Alps, where majestic charm of the mountains Croda del Becky combined with the mysterious depths of the lake Braies, located in a hollow at its foot.
The photographer writes on his webpage: "Each expedition is full of crazy adventures, and each picture is a struggle for the image of the world and light, which in fact do not exist, because they are just a moment in memory. But thanks to the photos I have the opportunity to share this moment with the whole world. "