Fantastic Ay-Petri Mountain in winter

As if it was a decoration designed for a fairytale
“I have swallowed my words. Mount Ai-Petri is gorgeous! It's just amazing! "- These words were said by Yuri Yuganson when he reached the top of Ai-Petri this winter

Ai-Petri Mountain is located in the Crimean mountains as part of the Ai-Petri yaila array.
Ai-Petri has got the max number of foggy days in the Crimea (in 1970 it lasted for 215 days).

Ai-Petri has also got the highest recorded wind speed ranked at 50 m/s. On the plateau there is a wind power plant, but because of the strong wind the blades were ripped off and it is no longer functions.
One can observe a beautiful view from the mountain watching the shore of the Black Sea and Yalta city.

There is a number of climbing routes up to the top with 1-5 categories of difficulty, including the scallops of the Ai-Petri.

Ai-Petri scallops consist of four large (12-15 m high) and several small steep peaks formed due to an aeration of non-uniform reef lime stones. On one of the scallops there is a spire used when rising up the flag, whereas the other one keeps the wooden cross left there after movie shootings. Now it is believed that the cross was put there in honor and memory of those killed on the Ai-Petri. You can see a red flag above the cross; it is there in honor of the climbers who have conquered the Ai-Petri. Climbing the scallops are only available for professional climbers.