How to install themes on Windows XP SP3

It is quite simple to set them up, but there are moments when the theme cannot go along with your system. Let us consider some issues with installation...
The downloaded archive with a theme you will find an .msstyles file. Basically, all you need to install the theme is to run the file and click "Apply" button. You do not need to move anything but to run this file.
But if you suddenly start it, and it pops up a window with Windows classic theme, that means you have WindowBlinds program installed on your computer.
Therefore, if you want to install a simple theme on Windows you will have to remove the program from your computer.
Another point about this is that Windows system itself refuses to accept other themes. In this case, you need to patch some system files. UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0. or UXTender will help you to process this. You can also use latest patch called Universal Theme Patcher

How do we use the program?
Click Start -> as soon the first window pops up we click "patch" -> then click "OK" -> after 15 seconds the program will ask to do a restart-> click "OK" -> computer starts rebooting. And you are done with that! Now you can feel free to install any theme you wish.
Often PC users make the mistake running .msstyles file without unpacking an archive. In some cases it works, but if you have some other files inside the archive to the subject, the system will fail. Therefore, it is highly recommended to unpack the archive before the installation.
You should not face any other problems with the installation. Since all the themes are checked for availability before they get uploaded on the website, you can be sure that they will work properly.
Yet, if there are still any problems, do not hesitate to contact us.