Installation guide for themes on Windows 7

Note: Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic does not support changing the themes. We recommend you to review the Personalization Panel tool.
First of all, I would like to advise you to install a Theme Resource Changer utility. It does not require anything other than the installation, however, it is very necessary for those themes where you do not need to make any changes in system files. That is to say, all you need to do is install it and forget about it and not to focus any attention on it.

1. Download Universal Theme Patcher program (supports both x32 and x64 based systems)
If you fail on downloading, you can use UxStyle Core tool
2. Install it
a) Run and agree to the terms.
b) Click Next and another window will pop-up, where you need to click "patch" on the three file names
c) The program will require a rebooting ().
d) Having rebooted, you can copy the downloaded themes to: C: / Windows / Resources / Themes.
e) Go to "Personalization" and select the installed theme.

Some archives contain System Files folder; these are system files that do not need to be necessarily replaced, however, in order to have a full compliance with the screenshot, this step is obligatory.