Installing third-party themes on Windows 8

Text instructions:
Just like with the previous OS, the first step to be done is to install the utility: "Theme Resource Changer". Let me remind you that it is designed to ensure that you would not need to replace the system files for those themes, where this feature is included.

1. We should patch OS using UltraUXThemePatcher program (Patches for Windows 8).
Just download and start it. The rest job the program does by itself.
2. What we should do next is move the downloaded theme to "C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes \".
The corresponding file ***.theme should appear in the folder that will have the same name of the folder.
3. If everything is done correctly, you are free to right click on the desktop, select Personalization, and then double-click it to run the theme, which was copied at the second point.

Below is the tutorial on how to replace the system files:
Very often you have to replace some system files. In order to do this please follow the steps below:
a) Acquire the rights to the file that needs to be replaced; for this, we have to download "TakeOwnershipEx" tool, install and then start it. In the right-bottom of the program select the Russian language.
b) Click on the first link and select the file you want to replace.
c) Once the rights are acquired, you need to rename the replaced file, so that would get ".old" format after extension is finished.
I.e. if we need to replace ExplorerFrame.dll file, you should rename it to "ExplorerFrame.dll.old".
d) Copy the new file to the folder where we have renamed the old file and restart your computer.
You may not restart the computer, and simply exit the explorer.exe file through the Windows Task Manager and then run it again from "C: \ Windows \".